Our business idea

Lighthaus provide services in industrial design on both the strategic and project management/ execution level. We work with all types of companies and are driven by our interest and skills in the widest range of business and market sectors.
The organization is tailor-made for each assignment, which makes us light and fit. We engage people with the right profile for the task at hand through a well-established network. Lighthaus guarantees the continuity and knowledge, through the Partners extensive knowledge and experience of industrial design.

For us the client´s information, security and financial control always come first. This means we have a range of compensation structures from hourly rates to royalties to fit your specific need. Effectively we can be the extra force in your organization on an hourly base, we can provide the added skill to solve specific tasks on project base, and will develop projects speculatively, that could then be sold on to prospective clients or companies at varying levels of completion.

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